Darren McConnell - Designer Silversmith.
Lesson Overview

Have you ever thought of making your own ring, bowl/beaker or spoon? Well here at my studio I am offering you the chance to design and make a ring, bowl or spoon for yourself, or for a friend as a gift. My workshop is based in Knaphill and over the past 7 years has had many successful ring makers through its doors. As new comers to Jewellery/Silversmithing the ring you will be making would be basic, nothing too complicated, something that could be completed in a day. If you are interested in making a spoon or a bowl these are lessons of 2 and 4 days respectively as there is much more work to be done. Costs for all lessons are as follows, Ring £50, Spoon £125, Bowl/Beaker, a quote will be provided depending on size of bowl/beaker (nothing taller than 100mm for a beaker and 70mm for a bowl) to be made before the lesson is booked so you can order the materials.
ring-lesson Darren McConnell Silversmith